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Drainage Systems made from 100% Recycled Plastic

Explore Allproof’s pioneering approach to sustainable drainage systems, crafted from 100% recycled plastic. Allproof’s innovative recycling process highlights their commitment to clean energy.

New Zealand’s Sustainable Plastic Recycling
Annually, New Zealand actively recycles 45,000 tonnes of plastic, with 55% sourced from households through kerbside waste services. Recently, the New Zealand government invested $124 million in local recycling infrastructure, enhancing our environmental impact and industry growth.

Allproof’s Innovative Recycling Process

Single-use PP plastic, including ice cream tubs and takeaway containers, is collected from kerbside waste bins nationwide. These recyclables undergo meticulous sorting and bailing before being cleaned, chipped, and transformed into pellets using extrusion machines at the next processing facility. Allproof utilises these pellets to manufacture an extensive range of drainage and passive fire protection products.

Sustainable Impact of Allproof’s Products and Clean Energy Initiatives

Allproof’s Domestic Channel (DC), Commercial Channel (CC), round and square pits, and cast-in fire collars, all manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, prevent over 12 tonnes of plastic from entering landfills monthly. Installed for longevity, these products can match the lifespan of the buildings themselves.

Moreover, Allproof actively uses solar energy to power their injection moulding machines. The 449 solar panels on their main production facility’s roof supply 50% of energy needs. Generating an average of 750 kWh per day (exceeding 1000 kWh in summer), this clean energy source can power approximately 34 average New Zealand homes, saving an additional 50 tonnes of CO2 annually. This commitment further reduces the carbon footprint of Allproof’s recycled drainage and passive fire products.

Products Made from 100% Recycled Plastic:

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We love to help with technical questions and provide further product information, however please note that we don’t provide costs direct to the market. For quotes and prices please direct your enquiry through your preferred installer and/or merchant. Please see our FAQ’s for further information on this.