88 Degree Roof Drain VRTW Sureflow

New Side Outlet Roof Drains

This year Allproof expanded their range of heat applied membrane compatible PVC roof drains to include new 88° outlets and sizes.

Why Specify Allproof?

Allproof have been supplying NZ-made membrane clamp ring drains and accessories for over 30 years. In fact, Allproof began its evolution as a manufacturer of drainage products when it started supplying waterproofing products in the 1980s. Identifying the importance of specialist drainage products for waterproof membrane installations, Allproof began developing and manufacturing its extensive range of roof and balcony drains in the 1990s. Since then, Allproof has significantly expanded its manufacturing capability and product range at its manufacturing base on Auckland’s North Shore. This has enabled Allproof to offer an extensive range of membrane roof and balcony drainage products to suit every project. This provides specifiers with options when selecting the best product for any project.

Allproof’s range of NZ-made roof drain outlets with bases, grates and clamp rings are made from a range of materials. Bases come in standard PVC (for adhesive-based membrane installs), thick gauge PVC and bronze (for heat-applied membrane installs). The thick gauge PVC bases have proven to be very popular due to their versatility, durability and economic price point, also being NZ-made using renewable solar energy is an added bonus. The thick gauge bases consist of the small diameter VRTW and large diameter Sureflow.

New products

This year’s update introduces two new 88° VRTW bases with outlet sizes of 65mm and 80mm. The VRTW is ideal for internal gutter and balcony applications due to its smaller overall diameter. In addition to this an 88° outlet option has been added to the Sureflow range with a 100mm outlet.

This update provides more flexibility to the VRTW and Sureflow offerings with a compact side outlet drain body saving installers from using 88° pipe bends to achieve the change in angle. Integrating the 88-degree outlet within the drain body it can reduce the overall depth by up to 100mm, which in turn can provide significant design advantages in compact roof and balcony cavities. The reduced depth allows longer pipe runs within the roof cavity to reach the downpipe locations.

The PVC drain bodies feature solvent connection ends to ensure a watertight installation and connection to the pipework. The flange material offers an excellent surface for the bonding of the waterproof membrane along with a clamp ring to protect the edge of the membrane and provide a mounting point for the grate. Grates and clamp rings are available in UV-resistant ASA plastic, 316 stainless steel or bronze to suit the installation environment.

thick walled vinyl rite roof drain heat applied membrane internal flat roof gutter drain

VRTW - Vinylrite Thick Walled Roof Drain

The VRTW65 has been designed to be used when a 65mm PVC flange roof and/or balcony drain is desired and is required to be compatible with a heat applied or liquid based waterproof membrane.

roof drain dome overflow flat grates low pitched roof stormwater catchment heat torch on membranes

Sureflow Roof Drain

The SUREFLOW series of roof outlets is one of the best means of connecting a roof system to an outlet drain and is ideal for use on flat roof applications for either commercial or residential buildings.

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