Beaumont Street Apartments Feature Bespoke Stainless Steel Downpipes from Allproof

Studio Pacific Architecture had a clear vision for the design of 155 Beaumont Street Apartments. Stainless downpipes for the roof and balcony drainage systems were a key detail that Allproof helped Studio Pacific Architecture achieve.

Studio Pacific Architecture specified 27 locations with 6-7 levels of stainless-steel downpipes equalling about 330 metres in total. Part of the specification required 125mm diameter polished downpipe, an uncommon size in New Zealand. Allproof were able to source the required size and polish it to fit the specified finish. Each section of downpipe was measured on site, designed through a series of shop drawings and then supplied to the site ready to install. All downpipes were fabricated at Allproof’s production facility in Auckland on a tight timeline for installation while scaffolding was in place.

The roof drainage was designed as a separate system from the balcony drainage. Allproof’s Sureflow roof drains were used on the building’s flat roof design meaning Allproof products were selected to remove rainwater from the roof down to ground level. Allproof’s roof and balcony drainage systems have been hydraulically tested using an independent NATA-accredited laboratory to maintain integrity in Allproof’s test data.

The apartments utilised Allproof’s industry-leading Allthrough balcony drainage system. The Allthrough system integrates the balcony drainage through the same penetration as the downpipe as it travels down the building. This removes the need for additional fittings hidden within the balcony soffit and provides an intuitive way to waterproof the balcony and create drainage through one penetration. The downpipe was positioned in the corner against the building to maximise usable space on the balcony. To enable this, a small diameter Allthrough base was selected allowing the downpipe to be located close to the cladding.

Inside the Beaumont Street luxury Apartments, the Allproof Invisidrain floor waste was selected for the tiled showers in each apartment providing a discreet NZ-made shower drain. Allproof are well positioned to supply the full system for the floor penetrations as their passive fire protection products have been tested for a wide range of scenarios commonly seen in New Zealand. The use of the grate, floor waste and passive fire protection system allows one supplier to take care of the whole penetration for a locally made, tested and easily installed detail.

Multiple developments in Wynyard Quarter have benefited from selecting Allproof products including the award-winning 132 Halsey Street project by Athfield Architects, which also used Allproof Sureflows.

Through 30+ years of manufacturing, Allproof has built excellent relationships with contractors such as LT McGuinness and DL Good Plumbers who worked on the Beaumont Street Apartments. These relationships have been built through experience and trust as Allproof consistently delivers premium NZ-made drainage systems and provide unique solutions to the New Zealand construction industry.


Allproof downpipes can be custom made to suit any job. They are made from 316 stainless steel and are available in either a high polish or satin finish. We offer a range of tube sizes starting at 2.5 inches through to 6 inches. Made in New Zealand.

Allthrough roof drain stainless steel open sleeve brass flange drainage thumbnail


The Allproof Allthrough is a unique solution to meet the requirements of multi-level balcony drainage. The system features a closed sleeve for straight through levels and an open sleeve for levels where the surface drainage needs to be allowed to feed into the downpipe.

roof drain dome overflow flat grates low pitched roof stormwater catchment heat torch on membranes


Sureflow roof drains provide the perfect solution for flat roofs and deck applications. It is a highly flexible drainage product with its domed grate, flat grate, overflow, and clamping collar making it an excellent option for a wide variety of installs.

Invisi invisible drain tile insert under vanity overflow floor drain drainage


The Invisidrain eliminates the need for a grate in the bathroom floor or the shower. Invisidrain forms an edge to the surrounding floor tiles, leaving a gap for water to flow through, making the drain virtually Invisible! Compatible with Leak Control Flange, Revolver and 100mm Cyclone. *Tile not included.

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