Improve Energy Efficiency with Thermal Pipe Lagging

Selecting the correct insulation product for a building’s specific requirements can reduce heat loss or gain by more than 80%.

Allproof Industries supplies a wide range of pipe lagging to prevent thermal heat loss through plumbing services. These products offer a wide range of attributes, from UV resistance to operating temperatures ranging from -57°C to +150°C. All insulation products supplied by Allproof meet NZ requirements for performance and fire ratings.

The insulation range supplied by Allproof also boasts compliance and green star approval from the Green Building Council with low VOC on the majority of its range. The remaining products have zero ozone depleting potential, with no CFCs being used in the manufacturing process. The result is that Allproof supplies high quality insulation products with low impact on the environment.

Allproof can supply projects with the correct insulation product by providing a wealth of information such as K & R values and operating ranges to ensure the project meets the highest energy efficient level possible.

4-Zero Thermal Pipe Insulation
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We love to help with technical questions and provide further product information, however please note that we don’t provide costs direct to the market. For quotes and prices please direct your enquiry through your preferred installer and/or merchant. Please see our FAQ’s for further information on this.