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What are the benefits of a shower tray?

Mitigating risk is important when considering what components will be installed in your shower or wet room.

tile over shower tray base tile insert linear drain bathroom design wet area
Tile Over Stainless Tray in Cordis Hotel Penthouse Suite, Auckland.

A lot of home owners have experienced leaks in a tiled area and the associated repairs and removal of mouldy or rotten framing, carpet and the like. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of Allproof’s offering of custom stainless steel shower trays. Allproof, an Auckland based family-owned manufacturing company is leading the way with a wide offering of tile over, exposed and commercial shower trays for a wide market application. All aspects of their NZ Manufacturing focusses on best environmental practice using solar power, rain water harvesting and manufacturing as much as possible with locally sourced recycled products.

The tile over shower tray is a game changer when it comes to modern bathroom design. It sits well in residential timber floor construction as well at high rise intensive properties where the shower may boundary other tenancies and properties which could be affected by a failure in the waterproofing system. Allproof have designed an engineered XPS base that will provide the required falls to meet NZBC E3 by having a base that provides the falls so the tiles are directly fixed to the stainless-steel tray. This removes the requirement for a screed or membrane in the high-risk area, with linings and waterproofing coming over the shower tray and terminating on the base. The trays are laser cut and CNC folded in house to specific design ensuring accuracy and efficiency in turnaround for one off projects.

Most Kiwis grew up in a house with an exposed stainless tray. This is a testament to the durability and simplicity of this design that these still exist and now are being specified for Kianga Ora projects, gyms and the seaside batch. These trays have a pressed fall that aids drainage to a point drain outlet and the tray is supported on a CNC cut Poly base for ease of installation. A floor waste gulley and a range of grate options finish the system with a no maintenance drain by removing any easy clean basket type waste which can be problematic, particularly in a public washroom. This system also aligns with Allproof’s fully tested passive fire range which is crucial when penetrating a fire cell between tenancies.

Design trends can be accommodated with Allproof tiled shower trays allowing a wide range of grate options in the tile over system, to being able to have an exposed tray with a channel drain or battened over for the nautical look. Call Allproof today to discuss your project and the advantages of a stainless steel shower tray in your next bathroom project and support New Zealand made.

Allproof Shower Trays:

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