Level Threshold


Allproof specialises in the design and manufacturing of level threshold channel drain systems to meet and exceed the requirements set out in NZBC E2. Our threshold drainage systems create a separation between the internal floor and external floor allowing for high-capacity drainage while maintaining a level surface. This mitigates the risk of surface water entering the dwelling and creates an indoor-outdoor flow joining the two living spaces.

The New Zealand Building code clause E2 external moisture sets out stipulations for the design of level entry thresholds to reduce the risk of surface water entering the building and causing damage and safety issues. Allproof’s channel drain systems have been designed to comply with all aspects of the building regulations to create a desirable transition that is both accessible for all users and provides an aesthetic architectural feature. Allproof’s grates have been tested in-house and by accredited laboratories for load rating, heelproof ability and to provide slip-resistant options.

NZ-made stainless steel brackets and grates are designed to provide a level transition in doorways and openings. Systems are designed with installers in mind, the Perimeter Drain uses a pre-made L-shaped channel that can be placed against the building with fixing points already installed. This greatly reduces the time and labour on site.

Allproof’s level threshold drainage channels provide weather tightness and durability for the building envelope. All systems can be customised to suit each project following the building line for a tidy install. Level Threshold systems can also be customised for vehicle traffic for projects such as car showrooms.


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