Designing Drainage Systems for Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers have become a popular choice for the modern contemporary bathroom. These showers allow an open look utilising the available space in a bathroom while maintaining an aesthetic feel with continuous tiled walls and floor. To achieve this look, certain factors regarding drainage need to be planned for when designing the space. Allproof Industries manufacture a range of shower drain kits designed specifically for these scenarios. The stainless steel Vision shower channel is Allproof’s most popular product. The Vision channel is available with a choice of five grate designs off the shelf in 800, 900, 1000 or 1200mm lengths. The Vision channel can also be customised specifically to a project by adjusting variables such as length, outlet position and finish with an electroplated or powder coated finish. Allproof also offer an extensive range of point drain options with the Elegance Range. This is a series of stainless steel grates which create a sleek, elegant point drain. All kits come complete with Allproof leak control flange, floor waste gully and pipe riser. These products can be used individually or together within the same space — their designs and materials work together to complement each other. A design could be created where a glass panel separates a walk-in shower with a showerhead on one side of the panel and floating vanity on the other. A tile-insert Vision channel manufactured to a custom length can be installed under the showerhead running the width of the shower, ending flush against the glass panel with a tile-insert Invisi Drain installed under the vanity. This provides space with drainage, while also maintaining a consistent theme with the product selection and minimises the visual impact of drainage systems by using the tile insert products. The Vision Series can also be used as a threshold drain separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom, minimising any surface water escaping the walk-in shower area and removing the need for a hob entry if required. When installing a central point drain, extra angled cuts may need to be made in the tiles directing the fall towards the outlet from all directions. The Vision shower channel can be installed against one wall so that the floor is only required to slope in one direction, eliminating the need for extra cuts diagonally across tiles. This creates a visually superior finish to a tiled floor. Specifications for these systems are available from Masterspec and technical documents along with CAD file downloads are provided on the product listings of this website.  
Vision Channels
Vision Shower Channel
Shower drain tile floor waste kit
Tile Waste Kit
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