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Allproof Unveils Innovative 100% Recycled Channel Drain

In the realm of New Zealand’s plumbing and construction industry, Allproof Industries stands as a stalwart advocate for local ingenuity and environmentally conscious production methods. Pioneering the intersection of sustainability and innovation, we proudly present our latest offering: the 200mm clear opening drainage channel meticulously designed and crafted in-house, manufactured from 100% kerbside recycled plastic.

In-House Mastery of Design and Production

At Allproof, our commitment to quality extends to every facet of our operations. Embracing a design philosophy that “The Process is Just as Important as the Product”, Allproof champions in-house production. Our journey begins with a collaborative effort—from product design to tool making and the precise manufacture and assembly of the final product, all orchestrated from our Beach Haven manufacturing plant. This approach empowers us to not only maintain robust stock levels but also diminish reliance on offshore manufacturing, ensuring a consistent supply to meet market demand.

The Evolution of a Medium-Duty Drain

Driven by a dedication to meeting market needs, our dedicated team invested over 12 months in meticulously designing and crafting the 200mm drainage channel. After recognising a gap in the market, this locally produced channel made from 100% kerbside recycled material fills the need for a medium-duty, high-capacity drain. It promises excellent hydraulic performance while being easy to install, even in challenging hard-paved areas.

This drainage system boasts a variety of grates including the heelproof black plastic (GFP) grate, designed to withstand New Zealand conditions. Our cast iron (HCI) drainage grate boasts a class D load rating for commercial traffic under AS3996. Additionally, a 316 stainless steel wedge wire grate, with a class B load rating and R11 slip resistance (AS4586), caters to streetscape pedestrian areas and light vehicles.

An integrated inline sump fulfills sediment catchment requirements without disrupting the channel’s visual continuity, seamlessly connecting to the stormwater mains system.

A Seamless Installation Experience

In response to market demands for user-friendly solutions, our click-together straight channels eliminate the need for additional components, ensuring a fast and easy installation. Alternatively, our unique channel levelling clip system speeds up installation by utilising rebar to adjust channels to the desired height, eliminating the necessity for concrete haunching.

As stewards of New Zealand’s environment, Allproof recognises the pivotal role of responsible production practices. Steering clear of offshore manufacturing not only mitigates the environmental costs associated with external control but also minimises the ecological impact of shipping and transporting pre-made items. Embracing locally sourced 100% NZ recycled polypropene, including the plastic from your everyday shampoo bottles, our products embody a commitment to sustainability, transforming recycled materials into durable drainage channels designed to withstand the test of time.

Explore more about our extensive range of products crafted from recycled plastic, our ongoing environmental initiatives, and our commitment to product certification.

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Commercial Channel 200mm
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